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Daily Giveaway for May 8th

Our Daily Giveaway includes:

One elegant cuff-style bracelet adorned with Mother-of-Pearl (Abalone) shell, PLUS, a Lot of 15 Bags of assorted Beads and Jewelry Making Items!!

To enter, go to

Remember, today’s giveaway ends at midnight tonight!

Daily Giveaway for May 7th

Our Daily Giveaway includes:

One elegant cuff-style bracelet adorned with Mother-of-Pearl (Abalone) shell, PLUS, a Lot of 15 Bags of assorted Beads and Jewelry Making Items!!

Go to to enter todays drawing!!

Weekly Giveaway for the week of April 29th – May 5th

Each week we will give away ONE 30 piece Seed Bead set complete with a 2 piece container!

There are 3 days left in this weeks giveaway! Hurry on over and click on the link below to get your entries in by Sun May 5th at 11:59pm!!

Bead-Mania GRAND PRIZE ADD-IN for APRIL 12th

Red Copper “Blessed”  Tibetan Style Rectangle Links, These can be used as links, spacer bars, or even shoe lace bars. However you decide to use them you will be blessed!

To purchase these ask for item#  BMTI-A35562-R-NR-190117    We have 200 in Stock.

$1.25 / 5 pcs ($0.25ea)

$2.00/ 10 pcs ($0.20ea)

$3.75 /25 pcs ($0.15ea)

Size:  36x10x2mm, Approximately 1/1/2 inches X 3/8 inches Hole: 3mm Cadmium, Nickel & Lead Free

Go to our Grand Opening Giveaway Contest and make sure you get as many entries as you can!!

Grand Prize Add-In – April 10

Summer’s almost here and Fishing Season is just around the corner … except at Bead-Mania! Here, we are already stocking the pond! We are going to start off the pre-season with these two beauties!

These Tibetan Style Alloy Big Pendant Rhinestone Settings, are Antique Bronze, 84x42x13mm, (approximately 3.25” {3 ¼”} X 1.75”{1 ¾”} Hole: 3mm; The face area and the tail fit 2mm Rhinestones and the eye fits a 4mm Rhinestone. These pendants would look wonderful in any color or combination of colors.

They are well suited to birthstone and/or anniversary themes. 

We Currently have only 20 in stock, so order yours before they are all gone.

To purchase these while they are still in stock ask for

Item #HPPALLOYAD60323-BM9651

1@$3.29 each  

2/$5.99 ($3.00 each) 

5/$13.45 ($2.69 each) We accept PayPal. All orders must be paid within 3 days unless other arrangements have been made.

Grand Prize Daily Add-In – April 8th

Today’s Add-In is 10 yards of Black, Braided Imitation Leather Cord,

It is 3mm wide, and there are about 10 yards in the bundle.

This Braided cord will make some beautiful bracelets, necklaces, anklets, etc.

Please let us know what you would like to use this for, or how you have used it in the past!

 If you would like to purchase a 10 yard bundle @ $3.99/10 yards –  please ask for item #BMLC-N009-01-1452 3mm

Grand Prize Giveaway Add-In – April 5th

Today’s GRAND PRIZE ADD-IN is 100 Antique Silver, Tibetan Style – Cone shaped Bead Caps. They are, Lead Free, Cadmium Free, and Nickel Free. 11x5mm, Hole: 1mm

These shiny antique silver bead caps will make a beautiful addition to that special piece you’ve been planning, or just put them in your stash for future projects. You can never have too many bead caps!

Remember, we still have 56 Days of Add-Ins to go into our GRAND PRIZE! Will YOU be the lucky WINNER? To Win you have to ENTER and to see how to get ALL the Entries you can, just go here:

If you like these bead caps and would like to order some just PM me and ask for:

Item # B-M-LF0535Y-NF-455513 $2.99 /50 pcs. + $2.75 Shipping

We only have 10 lots available, so if you want them you had better get them ASAP so you don’t miss out!

• We only accept Pay-Pal (you can use most credit cards with PayPal and we never need to see your credit card information!)

• We combine shipping with actual shipping cost or a flat rate of $5.99 whichever is lowest. You can also request Priority Post at the appropriate Flat Rate dependent on the size of the box required for the size of your order.

• All items MUST be paid for with-in 3 days of placing your order.

FYI: We visited our competition’s web site and compared the same and very similar bead caps and their prices for you, and the closest match we found was selling for $6.11 for a package of 20 (with a bulk buy they were selling for as low as $0.15 per bead cap). So a bag of 20 with Shipping would cost $12.10. The BULK price was for 15 bags of 20 (300 bead caps) which would cost $70.05 + 5.99 shipping for a total of $76.04

Grand Opening Prize Add-In – April 4th 2019

Today’s Grand Prize Add-in is these 13 lovely Red with white Polka Dot Bows!

Wouldn’t this look great on your family pet? Okay we’ll admit it, we do it very often with our dogs to see how they look. I mean, who doesn’t like dressing up our pets?

You can enter our Grand Opening Giveaway contest here!

Grand Prize Add-In – April 3rd 2019

Thinking of warmer weather? How about lounging around on the beach?

So why don’t you and some of your friends head on down to the beach with this set of 50 flip-flop/sandal charms!

Well, okay, maybe you can’t actually wear these, but you sure can make some really nice jewelry with these!

Now add in the selection of beads that you will receive in the Grand Prize, and WOW! What you can do with these is only limited by your imagination!!

Something is Brewing!

Something is brewing! Come back tomorrow for more info!!